Insightly Hero

We have been working with Insightly since 2010 and have been one of the founding members of Insightly’s Hero program. The program recognises and rewards outstanding Insightly customers for their leadership, knowledge sharing, and ongoing contributions to Insightly and the Insightly community. According to Insightly the characteristics of a Hero: Thorough knowledge of the Insightly product…

David Zeidman

Technical Lead

David is an experienced software developer and business analyst. Over the last 12 years, David has assisted organisations in the UK, US, Canada and Australia. He founded ZD to enable, at first, fundraising organisations and later all businesses to customise software to meet their specific needs. David and his team then provide ongoing maintenance to ensure continued and seamless integration with customised applications.

David has lived and worked in London, the USA and Sweden.

Kimberly Lankshear

Senior Consultant

Kimberly joined Zeidman Development in 2011 to ensure clients get the most out of their software. With experience at every stage of the CRM process from commissioning and gathering requirements, implementation, data conversion, upgrades and customisation, creating user guides and training, both in-house and as a consultant, Kimberly has an in-depth understanding of the issues and benefits organisations face with their CRM.
Kimberly has been working with Insightly for 7 years and uses it every day for sales, client management and projects.